DVSA consulting on changing the A2 motorcycle test – possibly for the better

The DVSA is having a consultation on changing the A2 motorcycle test to allow smaller and lighter bikes to be used

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THE DVSA is proposing some changes to the A2 motorcycle test and for once, they actually make a lot of sense!

The government is always faffing about with motorcycle legislation because let's face it, it’s what they are paid to do. And anyway, if they did nothing, we’d all moan it was a waste of money and try to blow up parliament again.

For once though, they are thinking of making some changes to the A2 motorcycle test that make a massive amount of sense.

It relates to the bikes that can be used to take the test and the size of the engine that must be used. Currently, to take your A2 test, the bike you are riding must be at least 395cc and produce between 20-35kw (27-47bhp). This means, for the most part, riders are looking at bikes like the Honda CB500, Kawasaki Z400, and any of the A2 specific machines.

The proposal being put forward is to allow motorcycles with a capacity of no less than 245cc to be used for the test, so long as they still meet the minimum power output required. The new ruling, should it go ahead, would be that bikes like the Lexmoto Vendetta 250, Yamaha’s hugely popular MT-03, and the KTM Duke 390 could all be used.

This would open the door for more riders to join the club, with the smaller, lighter, and all-around easier to manage motorcycle being the crack in the door that they need.

This proposal won't change the licence category. It’s about what motorcycle a person can ride when they take their test. The current regulations don't cater for the range of vehicles now in the A2 category.

The new plan hasn’t been set in stone yet, and the DVSA is asking for comments from the public on the new proposal. Head over to the Gov.uk website and let the suits know what you think.

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