CCM celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, with promise of new bikes!

50 years of CCM Motorcycles, from Strokas to Spitfires, the Bolton-based family firm has more exciting models planned for 2021 and beyond!

CCM 50th anniversary foggy spitfire

CCM Motorcycles has been bringing innovative machines to us since 1971, when Alan Clews formed Clews Competition Machines after building bikes to excel against the dominant BSA’s of the time - and it’s been a fascinating journey since then. 

This year they celebrate 50 years of CCM, and have said there is plenty on the way for 2021 to mark their history of on-road and off-road success. 

New 2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition First Ride |

Although not all bikes revealed to us in this ‘golden year’ are set for release in 2021, CCM has promised us a host of new bikes ready to be land in the UK, the continent, and beyond. 

CCM Motorcycles on the big screen!

2021 will also (hopefully) see the CCM feature in two blockbuster films, the first being Marvel’s new Black Widow movie - where Scarlett Johanssen will jump on board the CCM Scrambler, which gave rise to the new Blackout bike being released. Absolutely stunning, the bike’s nice too!

The second film where we’ll get a glimpse of the CCM brand is still a closely-guarded secret, the only hints we have are that it’s a big-budget action-adventure movie, featuring Hollywood A-listers, where the CCM will play a starring role in a chase scene “to rival the very best”. Any guesses? The movie is planned for a September 2021 release…

CCM has certainly had the ingenuity over their 50 years when it comes to setting new standards for the motorcycle world, whether from style choices or what they can do with a motor. 

So whether it’s the Carl Fogarty ‘Foggy’ Specials, Spitfire series of cafe racers, flat trackers, scramblers and bobbers, or the new Blackout models holding the flame for you - we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what the Bolton-based family firm has got coming up for us in 2021 and beyond.

Happy 50th anniversary, CCM Motorcycles! We look forward to celebrating with you a bit later this year.