Wunderlich launches F850GS accessory range

Kit out your GS for the ultimate adventure

Wunderlich launches F850GS accessory range

BMW’S FABULOUS F850GS has hit UK shores, and we can’t get enough of it.

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And in preparation for its adventurous owners Wunderlich has launched an extensive range of accessories.

Among these are comfort-enhancing add-ons, luggage solutions and protective equipment, allowing riders to transform their F850GS into the ultimate adventure machine (it isn’t far off already).

Engine and tank protection bars, foldable lamp protection grilles or water cooler protection all provide effective protection, for vital, and expensive parts of the bike. The range also includes handlebar risers, a tank bag, a fender extender and a useful helmet lock. More products are promised in future.

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of the BMW accessory specialists commented: “The potential of the new BMW F 850 GS is more than promising. If we didn’t know this before, it was certainly made clear by Dirk Thelen’s successful and highly regarded performance in this year’s Enduro d’Agadir.

Head of the Development Department Felix Wunderlich added: “This is reason enough for us to devote all our energies to the enduro.”

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