Win a 1974 Norton Commando with the National Motorcycle Museum

The 2023 National Motorcycle Museum Summer Raffle has been launched, and the prizes announced, led by a 1974 Norton Commando.

1974 Norton Commando, 1st prize 2023 National Motorcycle Museum Summer Raffle.

The National Motorcycle Museum has announced the its 2023 Summer Raffle, and the prizes up for grabs. 

Following the drawing of the prize winners for the 2022 National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) Winter Raffle, the NMM has immediately launched its 2023 Summer Raffle, in which there are some great prizes to be won.

Following up on the 2023 BSA Gold Star 650 Legacy Edition that was first prize in the ‘22 Winter Raffle was never going to be an easy task, but the National Motorcycle Museum has certainly picked a bit of a gem for the Summer Raffle, in which first prize will be an 1974 Norton Commando - a true piece of British motorcycling history.

Third prize in last year’s Winter Raffle was a Sealey Tools “Patriot” Roll Cab tool cabinet, and that returns in the same position (third prize) for the 2023 Summer Raffle, with the same choice of flags (UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland) for the winner. 

Sealey Tools is also involved for the second prize in the Summer Raffle, offering a £1,500 voucher for Sealey products bought in the NMM store.
A summary of the prizes in the 2023 National Motorcycle Museum Summer Raffle is below. 

  • 1st Prize: 1974 Norton Commando. - An immaculate and original 1974 Norton Commando roadster 850cc motorcycle with highly desirable AP Lockheed front disc brake conversion. 
  • 2nd Prize: Sealey Tools/NMM voucher for £1500.00 retail value - Any Sealey tool products to the retail value of £1500.00 to be purchased via The National Motorcycle Museum shop.  
  • 3rd Prize: Sealey Tools “Patriot” Roll Cab Tool Cabinet (RRP £719.95) - Winner’s choice of one of five flag designs including-Union Jack, George Cross, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. 

The 2023 NMM Summer Raffle prize draw will be made on Sunday 29 October during the National Motorcycle Museum Live show. To enter, tickets can be purchased for £2 on the NMM website.

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