Why buy one BMW K1 when you could have two…

The BMW K1 may not have set the world alight when it first went on sale but today's it's becoming something of a collectors' item...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this statement is never truer than when speaking of the iconic (for many reasons) BMW K1, which is both a frequent addition to those ‘ugliest motorcycles’ listicles as much as it is admired for its forward-thinking design.

Far be it from us to express our opinion – after all, it’s just a personal opinion – but truth is the BMW K1 in didn’t exactly hit the right tone in terms of sales, though the reasons for this range from that quirky slab-sided albeit aerodynamic appearance (emphasised by some lurid paint schemes) and the fact it was one of BMW’s first forays in the sportsbike sector at a time when the Japanese firms were cleaning up.

In short, it didn’t lure new customers to the brand or excite the loyal BMW riders who prefer their motorcycles to be long-distance, practical tourers.

Nonetheless, while the divisive motorcycle led to low sales back in the 90s, time has allowed the BMW K1 to enjoy something of a revival as a discerning collectors’ item today, which is what makes this find particularly special.

As featured on the US-based Bring A Trailer website, two almost identical low mileage BMW K1s have been put up for sale, one that is operational and another that would make a good showpiece. With a few days to go until they go under the hammer as of writing, the price for them stands at $7,000.

According to the specifications supplied on the site, the two 988cc inline-four machines have completed 16,000 and 29,000 miles. As well as the original specifications – save for a tinted windscreen and a Luftmeister muffler – they even come with period magazine reviews and manufacturer literature.

Alas, if you’re interested you’ll probably need to live in the United States to get your hands on them but if you do and you’re a collector with a hankering for something a little quirky and certainly head-turning then you probably won’t get two mint 30 year old machines like this anywhere in the world…

Head to Bring A Trailer for a bevy of photographs and the full specification details.


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