When can I ride my motorcycle during COVID-19 lockdown?

A police Chief constable explains when you can and also cannot ride your motorcycle during COVID-19 lockdown

Suzuki Katana

THE current situation in the UK regarding private travel for pleasure is a confusing and stressful situation, and also one that most of us have never been in before.

For some, the news that daily exercise was okay for less than an hour was a green light to ride their bikes. And it’s true that riding a motorcycle can burn up to 600 calories an hour, improves core strength, mental wellbeing and releases endorphins. But does it count as exercise?

Sadly not. Unless you are riding your bike to collect medicine, essential shopping or when travelling to and from essential work that cannot be completed from home, you could be breaching the travel rules. There have been a handful of cases in the UK where tickets have been handed out – along with a fine – for breaching COVID-19 travel guidelines, although these cases are small in number.

To help riders and drivers know when they can and can’t ride or drive, the Chief constable for Avon and Somerset police force, Andy Marsh, has shared a video giving people all the information they need to know.

The current cases of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the UK is placed at around 60,000, although the total number of unregistered cases, and for people who have since recovered will increase this. To date, we have seen nearly 7,000 deaths directly related to the virus and more than 100 people have recovered fully after testing positive for it.

For more information how to stay safe during the pandemic, head to: gov.uk/coronavirus

To read the governments advice on travel during the pandemic, head to: gov.uk/government