What’s your favourite riding song? | ULTIMATE RIDING PLAYLIST, Cardo & Visordown

We want to know the best songs to get your noggin noddin'! Help us build the Ultimate Riding Playlist with Cardo Systems | Commercial Content

Best songs to ride your motorcycle to! Ultimate Riding Playlist with Cardo and Visordown

We were out on a ride recently, and wondered to ourselves ‘What’s your ultimate motorcycling song?’ A question with no correct answer, perhaps, but nevertheless the cogs in our heads were turning, and we set out to build the Ultimate Riding Playlist.

Naturally, the purveyors of auditory brilliance, Cardo, were intrigued as well. 

Having recently announced its newest intercom, the Packtalk Edge, our collaborative playlist has been born for you to tune in to as you’re doing bike-related things.

Whether that’s riding along singing to your mate through the Freecom 4X (which we recently reviewed), washing your bike to a perfect soundtrack, or even just something to fall asleep to… the songs are all here: 

Ultimate Riding Playlist | Cardo x Visordown

Apple Music user? We've just released our playlist on there, too!

The best bit? The songs on the playlist are voted for by you lot!

‘What’s that?’ I hear you ask, ‘voted for by me? But how!’

Well, dear Visordown reader, just let us know what music you want added to the playlist, and comment your #1 pick here: 

At the moment there is quite a bit of classic rock, which isn’t a problem… but if you want to change it up, let us know!

You don’t need a Cardo headset to listen, but with the JBL speakers (especially as tested on the Freecom 4X), it certainly helps!

Cardo pioneered the world’s first Bluetooth headset specifically for motorcyclists over 18 years ago, and whilst consistently innovating and improving their products, have quickly become a leader in the two-wheeled industry. 

Head to the Cardo website for more on the latest products, and find the right intercom for you.

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