Watch: Biker and taxi driver in dangerous stand off

Not all heroes wear capes as this video from South Africa

THE affluent suburb of Bryanston, South Africa, was the scene of a stand-off this week as a taxi driver took it upon himself to drive the wrong way down a street, into oncoming traffic.

Little did the driver know he was about to encounter Sean Nysschen coming the other way on his KTM. Fed up of drivers ignoring the laws of the road Nysschen, helped by other good Samaritans on two and four wheels, made a stand in what makes for an entertaining two and half minutes of viewing!

"It really just boiled my blood to see that and I thought 'let me do something about it'. I was so angry with the situation and I thought that in a country where there is complacency with breaking the law‚ I thought I could try to make a difference‚ even with one person‚" said Nysschen in an interview with the Sunday Times in South Africa.

"There was an underlying sense of fear because they thrive on intimidation and bullying and that is why motorists do not do anything to them [reckless taxi drivers]‚" he continued.

The helmet cam footage provided enough information that officers from local law enforcement later tracked down the driver and charged him with reckless and negligent driving.

Take a look, how would you have reacted?