Want to tour motorcycle museums in lockdown? Now you can…

Top motorcycle manufacturers throw the virtual doors open to their museums to help pass the time during this coronavirus lockdown period

Museo Ducati Google Earth

With much of the world having to make the best of their lockdown situations, our inability to go too far beyond our front door has led to some companies offering a little welcome respite from the comfort of our sofas.

Harley-Davidson, BMW and Ducati have thrown open the virtual doors to their museums to punters via Google Earth to give you the chance to ‘walk’ around their best and finest models with only a few clicks of the mouse.

While it isn’t quite the same as the real thing (not that you’d be allowed to touch anything anyway), unless you had imminent plans to visit Milwaukee, Munich or Bologna any time soon, it’s an interesting way to get a glimpse at some iconic machinery without having to break your self-isolation.

If you want to have a go yourself, simply search for the museums in Google maps and drag little yellow man indicating Street View in the bottom right corner of your screen onto the location. Then just follow the arrows to take a walk.

Museo Ducati

Get a glimpse of Ducati’s history both on and off the track with a wander around its finest creations, from the early days to its most famous machines – not least prime examples of its game-changing Massimo Tamburini-designed 916 – to its top racing models, plus plenty of silverware. CLICK HERE

BMW Museum

While there is no direction movement from any one spot in the BMW Museum, finding it on the map gives you dozens of street view points you can view in 360-degrees that give you a feel for what is on show. This is great if you like your BMW cars too. CLICK HERE

Harley-Davidson Museum

Delve into Harley-Davidson’s long and decorated history, including how it has become engrained in American culture over the years. CLICK HERE