Volkspods are definitely the coolest VWs on the market

The Volkspod is made from fusing four VW Beetle wings together and adding mini-motorcycle wheels and an engine


THIS could be one of the best uses of an old rusted Volkswagen unless you’re a VW purist and then this is probably a travesty!

The builder of these quirky little mini-bikes is one Brent Walter, who is a self-described “maker and builder of a variety of things”. Paying homage to the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, Walter used the fenders from each corner of the car to build the mini motorbike. The four vintage fenders merge together to form the head and tail-light system of the Volkspod. At the heart of the bike is a 79cc, four-stroke, OHV engine, much like those found in lightweight garden machinery.

Beneath the sleek custom-built exterior lies a chunky tubular steel frame, with a solid front end and hardtail set up. Completing the retro look are a set of beach-cruiser handlebars and a flat comfy seat.

The Volkspod is available in the iconic shades of the original Beetle; birch green and pastel blue. Whether you’re a fan of the Volkswagen Beetle or not, you have to admit this would be the coolest paddock bike at a classic trackday!

The Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 or the ‘Bug’ as it’s called in the ‘States gained iconic status since its release. Its bulbous appearance won almost everyone’s heart from the 60s until 2003 when production officially ended. The massive number of Beetles built means parts fruitful making projects like this all the more appealing!

As yet we can't find any link to the builder's social media or website - good luck if you fancy ordering one - and can we have a go on it when it arrives?