Video: Traverston Harley V-Rex Special

Check out the footage of this £28,000 Harley-powered Australian/American super-Rod

The V-Rex is powered by Harley's V-Rod motor

YOU'RE LOOKING at the first image of the Travertson V-Rex - a custom-built cruiser designed around Harley-Davidson's V-Rod engine.

The machine's a collaboration between Australian motorcycle designer Tim Cameron and American bike builder Christian Travert - who's better known for his Y2K turbine-powered 200mph jet bike.

Cameron spent two months designing the V-Rex in 3-D detail on a computer screen using sophisticated computer-modeling software typically employed to create Hollywood special effects.

Working from Cameron's computer designs, Travert then spent the best part of a year hand-crafting the running prototype. If you'd like to buy a V-Rex the it's gonna set you back £28,000 including import taxes.

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