VIDEO: Robbie Maddison jumps Arc de Triomphe

Check this amazing footage of Mad Maddison jumping into 2009 with a bang

DAREDEVIL BIKER Robbie Maddison stunned crowds in Paris by jumping onto the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas hotel on New Year's Eve.

Maddison’s completed the 120-foot jump to land his bike atop the 96-foot high, 40-foot-wide Arc de Triomphe. Footage of his triumph atop the Triomphe was broadcast live on TV and online, and was witnessed by thousands of fans and stunned onlookers who lined the route to watch the death-defying leap.

In 2008 Maddison also broke the Guinness World Record when he completed a 322 feet, 7.5-inch jump.

Maddison, however, didn't escape the evening without injury, gashing his hand during the second half of his demonstration, on a planned 50-foot drop from the top of the Arc to the base of a ramp.

“I think it might have caught on the clutch,” he said Thursday night. “Either that or my thumb got caught up right at the time of impact.”