VIDEO: EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner

New system cools or heats the rider on the move

SICK OF THE COLD British weather? Then take a look at the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner system - a new concept that heats or cools the rider, depending on the climate in which they're riding.

The system mounts on the back of the bike, much like a regular top box and is powered by the bike's battery. A hose from the unit runs to a special vest worn under the rider's gear. A wireless bar-mounted controller means the rider can adjust the temperature while on the move.

It's a novel idea that's about to go into full production. If anyone's ridden any distance in cold weather or baking heat then they'll appreciate this could be a winner.

Granted, you might look a bit of a tit with what looks like a vacuum cleaner stuck in your rear end but who's bothered if you're riding every day in foul weather.

Would you?