214mpg from this?

Netherlands bike designer coaxes stunning fuel economy from 125cc scooter

HOW DOES 214mpg grab you? Thought so. Well, take a look at this feet-forward streamlined Honda ANF125i, built by Netherlands-based technical boffin, Allert Jacobs.

Called the Quest Velamobile, Jacob's machine uses purpose-built, fully-enclosed bodywork to reduce drag and boost fuel-efficiency from Honda's 12bhp single-cylinder 125cc four-stroke scooter.

"As a designer and rider of faired recumbent bicycles, I have enjoyed the benefits of reduced air resistance. It makes cycling more energy efficient and allows you to travel faster over greater distances," says Jacobs. "A recumbent riding position is more comfortable, while adding a fairing can provide weather protection as well as speed. If one can decrease aerodynamic drag and at the same time improve comfort and energy efficiency of a bicycle, imagine what might be possible with a faster vehicle."

Check out Jacobs' steamliner feet-forward website. It's clear this man's passionate about his fuel-saving creation.