US teenagers land hefty fines for dirt biking… on their own property

Four teenagers in the United States are handed large fines for riding dirt bikes... on their own property with permission from the owner

Dirt Biking

Four teenagers in the United States have been fined $750 each after being caught out by the environment police for riding their dirt bikes… except they were doing so on their own land with permission from the owner.

According to 22WWLP news service, the teenagers in Hampden, Massachusetts were riding in the yard within a wooded area when the police approached and proceeded to question them for two and a half hours and ask for VIN numbers to be shown.

Despite this taking place on private property owned by one of the teenagers’ parents, the EPA hit each of the four with a $250 fine for operating an unregistered recreation vehicle and $500 for doing so without a safety certification.

“My son was very upset when he was approached by the officers,” said Melanie Beck, who had given permission to ride in her yard. “All the boys had respect for the officers and after 2 1/2 hours of standing there being questioned, having to show VIN numbers, and writing citations for each kid, that’s 2 1/2 hours.

“Just in the last year, my husband and my son participated in two races and not one of those places in Massachusetts asked for the registered vehicle or if my son being 16 had taken the class.”

“They were very upset, they left my house and, honestly, I feel like it’s pushing them further away from being kids and hanging out in the woods and having fun riding dirt bikes.

Ms Beck says she has raised the issue because she feels others could be caught out by laws that aren’t commonly known.

“I think it’s outrageous that these people have been riding on their own properties for, I don’t even know how long, and they have no problems. EPA can just show up on your property and ticket you $750. It’s kind of ridiculous.

“Parents in Hampden and Wilbraham in the last 24 hours are livid,” she said. “They are writing all over Facebook community pages about how upset they are that this is not OK because our kids are not doing drugs they are out having fun.”