Two Royal Enfield Himalayans will be heading for the South Pole!

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Royal Enfield, two Himalayan motorcycles will be riding over 478 miles in 39 days to reach the South Pole. 

Royal Enfield Himalayans head to the South Pole

The tagline for the Royal Enfield Himalayan reads ‘Built for all roads, built for no roads’ - and that’s due to be truly put to the test with the ambitious project titled 90º South. 

Two riders will be setting off on mostly stock Himalayans, just with a few necessary upgrades to make the 478 miles trek possible over the 39 days they’re estimating it’ll take. Worth noting they will be supported by arctic trucks, so if something does go wrong they’re not completely done for.

Upgrades to the 411c include studded tyres with tubeless wheels, a smaller front sprocket, and upgrades to the electronics to handle up to -40ºC temperatures. 

The quest to reach 90º south is set to begin on the 26th of November, with Royal Enfield staff riders Santosh Vijay Kumar (Rides and Community Lead) and Dean Coxson (Product Development senior engineer) landing in Novo and spending the first 3 days acclimatising to the inhospitable Antarctic continent.

From Novo the team will ride southwards for 12 days to reach the Indian Research Station on the Ross Ice Shelf. Once there, on the 14th December, the 770 kilometre / 478 mile trek to the South Pole begins and should be completed by the 21st December.

Finishing the expedition will be a ride west to Union Glacier, where a flight home awaits. 

All in, the miles will be far more than the 478 total, and it’s going to be a treacherous ride in some of the worst weather known to man, so best of luck to the guys. Royal Enfield is also providing you with the chance to support the duo by uploading a club badge for their flag and/or a voice note with words of encouragement to the official 90 South site.

Best of luck to Santosh and Dean!

Watch the Royal Enfield 90º South video:

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