A tribute to HRH Queen Elizabeth II | 1926 – 2022 |

With the news of the death of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Visordown pays tribute to the longest serving monarch in British history

A tribute to HRH Queen Elizabeth II | 1926 – 2022

THE announcement last night of the death of Queen Elizabeth II was one which led to an overall mood of confusion, and deep sadness.

What is for sure is that at the end of a reign that had lasted longer than any other in British history, there was for once no precedent for how to feel. 

It was a monumental moment, and one which showed there is still a strong amount of public support for the British monarchy.

Before she became Queen, Princess Elizabeth - as she was - served in the women's Auxiliary Territory Services as a driver and mechanic. Her training also involved gaining experience on two wheels, having been pictured riding motorcycles on numerous occasions.

She learned how to fix vehicles - mostly of the four-wheeled kind - and seemed also to find that she enjoyed driving them. 

That enjoyment was evidently something she wanted to maintain in the post-war years, and after her accession to the throne as Queen Elizabeth II.

As Queen, she became a rarity: a public figure - a monarch, at that - who preferred to drive themselves, rather than be driven. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for cars spread - somewhat - to her grandchildren. Prince William, in particular, is well-known as a motorcycle fan. He has attended the Isle of Man TT Races in the past and owned at one point a Ducati 1198 sports bike, which is also the last model to win Ducati a World Championship - in 2011 with Carlos Checa.

William’s brother, Prince Harry, used to own a Triumph Daytona 675, too, and the pair shared together a 1,000-mile charity ride on Honda enduro bikes across Africa in 2008. 

Like so many of us lovers of two wheels, the fascination of both the Princes Harry and William with motorcycles did not start with them, but with other members of their families. In their case, it can be traced to their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

All of us at Visordown wish to extend our thoughts to the Royal Family in their time of grief and to the people of the United Kingdom and the wider commonwealth in this time of national mourning.