Trials and Error – Lampkin's life story released

Inside story of how Yorkshire ace rose to the top of trials

Dougie Lampkin - Trials and Error

Even if you’ve never watched a second of trials riding in your life, you’ve no doubt heard of Dougie Lampkin (or his dad, Martin). When he’s not winning world titles (seven outdoor, five indoor), he’s wheelying his trials bike round the TT course, or over a Red Bull F1 car.

And now, he’s been wheelying around a book printers because, yes, he’s released his autobiography, which is in the shops on May 17. The book tells all about growing up in this sporting dynasty (nine Lampkins have competed in high-level trials to date), and the relationship with his late father, who supported him all the way to the top.

The book is hitting the shops now for a May 17th release, and is available from Simon and Schuster in hardback for £20.

Here's a video of the man himself at the print works...