Topless models attempt to replicate Ducati Panigale with their bodies

Live sculpture is part of the artist's 'Human Motorcycle Project'

A NUMBER of topless women covered in body paint have attempted to replicate a motorcycle.

Trina Merry, an artist known for her body paintings, has covered a number of topless models in paint and placed them in a position whereby they look like a Ducati Panigale.

The live sculpture is part of Brooklyn-based Trina’s ‘Human Motorcycle Project’.

She says she chose six models with specific body types, so that together, they would be able to mimic the shape of the Ducati sports bike.

‘It was a giant human jigsaw puzzle. Each person’s natural shape, strength, and athleticism helped to build each part of the motorcycle,’ said Trina.

Four make-up artists were required to help illustrate fine details of the bike, like the tyres.

Lana Baumgartner, one of the six models, said: ‘The experience of transforming a small group of dedicated models into the image of a motorcycle, at one point seemed relatively impossible. 

‘The end result is certainly what validates the truth “anything is possible if you believe."'