Top 5 A2 legal sports bikes to buy for summer

The best A2 legal sports bikes to get summer 2019.

Top 5 A2 legal sports bikes to buy for summer

With summer just around the corner more and more bikers are taking to the roads, but not everyone will be racing around 1000cc superbikes, hunched over in Dainese leathers which are slightly too tight... Many riders will be new to the game, so, here are my top picks for those who have an A2 license, or are thinking of getting one.  


We’ll kick things off with the bigger cc bikes you need to restrict. Don't panic, once restricted they’re fully A2 compliant and legal.

Yamaha MT07

The baby brother to the mental MT09 and marketed as the ‘Dark side of Japan’, the MT07 was first introduced in 2015 and has been a huge hit amongst newbies and experienced riders alike:  

  • Smooth predictable power from a 689cc parallel twin

  • MotoGP inspired cross-plane crank

  • Wide flat bars to help with low-speed maneuverability

You can pick one up used for around £4.5k and new for £6.3k.   

Suzuki SV650

First hitting the streets in 1999 the SV650 comes in many different variants from sports (S), naked right the way to Cafe retro (X):

  • 645cc V-twin motor never fails to make you smile, and is bulletproof reliable

  • Has been a firm favorite for beginners, due to cheap and abundant parts and accessories (if you need them)

  • Sounds great with an aftermarket exhaust

The old carby versions come in for around a grand but you can pick up a new SV650 for just £5,799!

Kawasaki Er6F (Ninja 650 newer version)

Hold on, I know it’s a sport tourer, but under the ER6F’s skin is a racey machine, which is used in the Minitwin and Thundertwin race series:

  • High revving 649cc parallel twin motor, which is smooth as silk

  • Raised handlebars offer supreme comfort

  • Comes in other colours besides green   

Prices start from around 2.5k for the ER6 or 6.6K for the newer Ninja 650.

Why go bigger and restrict?

If you complete your full A license after 2 years you can unrestricted your bike to full power. This means no selling your old bike to get a new bike and no getting used to riding something different.

Also, some insurers give a discount if you ride the same bike year on year. Win-win.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

One of the newest models out of these top picks, the Ninja 400 came to market in 2018 and right out of the box is A2 ready, no restriction required. It follows on from the popular Ninja 300 with more power and performance:

  • Pokey 44Hp parallel twin engine, all thrills no spills

  • Raised clip-on bars offer sporty aesthetic with a bit more rider comfort

  • The super light clutch and mellow throttle response makes it mega easy to ride (especially for newbies)

Can pick these up from around £4k upwards with a new 2019 ABS model coming in at £5,799

Honda CBR500R

Receiving a much-needed facelift in 2019 the new CBR500R looks like a thoroughbred Fireblade, but is a piece of cake to ride and doesn't frighten the life out of you.   

  • 47Hp pokey parallel twin motor

  • Impressive build quality (typical for most Honda’s)

  • Fun sporty handling from a lightweight nimble chassis

Can pick one up new for just over £6k.

Why go smaller?

The main benefits of smaller cc bikes that they are far less intimidating, mainly due to lighter weight and financially they’re in a lower insurance category (saving you ££’s).