Tom Cruise co-star's with Kawasaki H2 and GPz900R in Top Gun trailer

The latest trailer for the Top Gun film sequel has landed, showing us Maverick’s Kawasaki GPz900R and Kawasaki Ninja H2

Top gun Kawasaki GPz900R Ninja H2

Another new trailer for the new Top Gun film has been released and its good news for motorcycle fans as Maverick (AKA Tom Cruise) introduces us to his motorcycles of choice and they don’t disappoint!

As films go, Top Gun is pretty near to the top of most people’s lists of iconic, must-see movies. And it just so happens it’s also a film that has one of the most famous motorcycle scenes ever shown on the silver screen.

What motorcycle is Tom Cruise riding in the Top Gun trailer?

We’ve known about the sequel for some time now, first reporting on it in November last year when Cruise was spotted filming a scene for the movie on a dark coloured motorcycle we assumed was a Kawasaki H2. Now we can confirm that the H2 does indeed make it into the film along with the re-introduction of his old set of wheels, the iconic Kawasaki GPz900R.

In July's teaser trailer we see Cruise pulling the dust covers off the classic superbike as it sits in a hanger. A moment later and he’s racing a fighter jet down the runway on that and then a supercharged H2.#

The new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick doubles down on the two-wheel action as 'Maverick' cruises (geddit?) looking effortlessly cool.

The new film is set 34 years after the events of the original, Cruise’s plays Peter “Maverick” Mitchell, who by now, as Ed Harris’ character notes, should be a two-star admiral. Instead, Maverick remains a captain, which Mitchell just looks at as one of life’s mysteries. A desk job isn’t for everyone though, is it!?

Top Gun: Maverick Official Trailer (December)

His lack of promotions aside, the Top Gun: Maverick trailer shows that Mitchell is still a flying ace after all these years. He’d have to be to still be allowed to fly a fighter jet after all these years, so for those of you worried that the character, for whatever reason, might be side-lined, that won’t be an issue. Tom Cruise even got to fly certain aircraft during Maverick’s production, though not the F/A-18 Hornets since those are off-limits to civilians.

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