Three times the speed limit biker escapes ban

Norfolk firefighter escapes with fine and points penalty

A FIREFIGHTER from Norfolk has escaped a driving ban after he admitted riding his motorcycle at more than three times the speed limit.

Ian Lingwood, 28, a member of the county's retained firefighting force, was stopped by officers while riding at speeds of 72mph in a 20mph zone and as high as 88mph in a 30mph speed limit.

Video footage seen in court showed Lingwood speeding over two pedestrian crossings prior to being nabbed by police.

Defending solicitor, Charles Langley said:

"It was excessive speed but the motorcycle was carefully driven," he said. "There were no pedestrians around and no other traffic, as we saw from the video."

Judge Alasdair Darroch concluded:

"The only allegation here is of excessive speed; there is no suggestion that you were unfit to drive or that you lost control.

Lingwood was fined £150, ordered to pay £100 towards court costs and given six points on his licence.