Thieves show off stolen bikes on Instagram

Gloating thieves post over 100 photos of stolen bikes

Thieves show off stolen bikes on Instagram

A GANG of bike thieves from Bristol are using Instagram to brag about all the bikes they've stolen from the city.

The ‘Bristolbiketaker’ Instagram account, which is currently set to private and at the time of writing has just over 1,600 followers, contains over 100 photos of stolen bikes.

The thieves frequently appear in pictures with the bikes, with faces obscured by emojis or hoods and balaclavas. They also post videos of themselves riding the bikes.

The account description reads: ‘They call me Mr steal your bike Jail rider / Bristol we take everything and anything.’

A motorcyclist whose Triumph Street Triple was stolen from a North Bristol shopping centre car park says he saw it on the Instagram account before it was later recovered from a disused quarry near.

Avon and Somerset Police has said it is ‘aware of the social media account’ and that its content is being actively investigated.

Motorcyclists in Bristol are so angry at increasing levels of bike theft in the city that they’ve put together a document containing locations of common theft locations and sites where the thieves are suspected of taking the bikes to ride, store or strip them.

The document also details the names, addresses and photos of suspected bike thieves in the city and is shared on the UK Motorcycle Theft Protest Facebook group – which protests against the level of bike theft and motorcycle crime in the UK and calls on the authorities to address the problem. 


Scum. Lets hope they get what's coming to them. Its about time the Old Bill started taking Bike theft seriously, if they don't its in the hands of the public.

Unfortunately our open border policy has allowed to become in-undated by eastern europeans that think stealing is just a way of life! you only have to look on ebay to find parts of motorcycles obviously stolen, I say obvious but not to our police force who aren't interested unless they can gain money from a prosecution.
London has an even bigger problem if I remember correctly it has risen by 50% in the last 5 years?
Motorcyclists should unite and take the fight to these people, set up a target motorcycle, once the thief/thieves strike, bunle them in a van and.....................well you decide!!

These assholes will be recognised by someone. If they have 1600 followers then it's just a matter of time before one of them dobs them in. This can be encouraged by offering them a reward for information. Regarding the Y7 JMM comment above - you ignorant twat. Eastern Europeans (whatever that means) are, for the main part hardworking and honest individuals who would be as digusted by this as anyone else. Unfortunately we have enough of our own home-bred pond life with nothing better to do. Police have already set up sting bikes in our area and one of the first that was caught? A 15-year-old, white, English boy who had been out of the Young Offenders Institute for only three months.

BubbaDaytona's picture

Stealing bikes is only kinda illegal, first few offences are fines, often much less than the bikes are worth, they get a big hug and told they are just misunderstood yoofs, because the judiciary considers bikes as toys.

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