Thieves bungle double Panigale theft

Brave InMoto staff fight off thieves who got more than they bargained for

Thieves bungle double Panigale theft

BUNGLING thieves tried to steal two £20,000 Ducati Panigales from InMoto Ducati Croydon but were fought-off by staff.

Captured on CCTV, five thieves turned up on three scooters, with another - dressed like a commuter - turning up on another scooter moments later. They were armed with hammers and metal bars.

Two of the men walked into the showroom and calmly tried to walk out with two Ducati 1199 Panigales. InMoto staff member, Paul Read, spotted the thieves and wrestled the bikes off them. A third man entered the showroom to try and hold back Mr Read but failed to get the bikes any further out of the door.

Alerted by the commotion, staff from the shop then pounced on the thieves, who left the bikes jammed in the doorway and tried to escape.

Adrian Couzens, manager of the shop is then seen pushing the scooter rider dressed as a commuter from his machine. The scooter rider gets up and goes to attack Mr Couzens with a hammer but wimps-out and goes back to get on his scooter. Mr Couzens then pushes the scooter rider from his machine for the second time.

After completely botching the job in one of the most amateur efforts we've seen, then men throw their hammers at staff and flee on their scooters.

InMoto have been targetted before along with other motorcycle shops in the area including Metropolis and Dobles. The police believe the gang are responsible for previous thefts in similar style robberies where two Aprilia 300 scooters and an RSV4 Factory have been stolen in the past two years.

Police are now looking for the men, one of which they believe owns and insures the scooter he rode during the attempted robbery. If you have any information, please contact InMoto on 020 8689 2341.

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