These are the smoothest roads in the UK

The UK’s roads are terrible - we all know this. New data has been published helping motorists find the smoothest roads in the country

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If there’s something we love to do in the UK it is to complain, and if it’s not the weather then it’s the roads. And with good reason - they’re f****** s***.

New data, though, has emerged to show which places in the UK have the smoothest roads.

Winner, in this respect, is the North East, which may come as a surprise. 96 per cent of the North East’s B and C roads were considered not in need of improvement, and the same can be said for 98 per cent of the region’s motorways, and it also had the fewest number of roads designated either ‘amber’ or ‘red’ - indicating that repairs should be considered.

At the opposite end of the scale, the East Midlands had 38 per cent of its A roads labelled either ‘amber’ or ‘red’, as well as 42 per cent of its B and C roads, making it the region most in need of repairs to its roads. Good job that all that money from the scrapped northern bit of the failed HS2 project is going to London, then.

Back on a more positive note, especially for bikers, the North East was also found to be the safest region for motorcyclists to ride, with Department for Transport data finding 311 motorcycle casualties in the region in 2022, meaning less than one casualty per 1,000 bikers and that the North East’s total for motorcycle casualties accounts for only two per cent of the nation’s total. This casualty statistic also marked a 36 per cent reduction in the North East compared to 2012.

Lexham also found that the South East is the region which saw the most newly registered bikes in 2022, with 17.4 per cent of the nation’s total being registered there last year. It also contained 17.1 per cent of all of the country’s registered motorcycles in 2022.

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