That's gotta hurt - reckless cyclists caught on film

Cyclists filmed running red lights, texting - and doing an unintended somersault

A VIGILANTE cyclist has caught fellow riders' reckless behaviour on video and posted the footage on YouTube.

The three-minute montage shows cyclists running red lights, texting on the move and riding no-handed in York city centre - and ends with one taking a painful-looking tumble when his coat gets jammed in his front wheel.

The man who shot the film with his helmet camera, who wants to remain anonymous, said it was recorded over three weeks during his commute, and was only episode one. 

He said: “I am tired of watching cyclists breaking the rules of the Highway Code and endangering not only themselves but other road users.”

While Visordown condemns reckless cycling, we have a hunch the film maker is a loser. What's your view?