Swedish electric brand Cake opens London storefront

A pop-up store in Shoredtich has been opened by the Swedish manufacturer, Cake, with a permanent storefront expected to open later this year.

Cake two-wheelers in London

Cake, the electric motorcycle manufacturer from Sweden, has announced the opening of its latest storefront, in Shoreditch, London. 

Cake’s Shoreditch pop-up store marks the expansion of its marketing drive in the UK, where London is now “the local base of operations,” according to Cake.

There is already a UK-based sales team in place, and the Shoreditch pop-up can be visited by those looking to check out what the Swedish brand has to offer. 

Additionally, Cake says that the pop-up is expected to be replaced by a permanent site later this year.

Even the temporary pop-up, though, will display Cake’s range of lightweight electric motorcycles. This includes the Makka moped; the dynamic, 56mph Ösa; and the off-roading Kalk

Each of the three models comes in multiple variants, too, to suit each customer’s various needs, whether that is performance, carrying capacity, range, or comfort. Additionally, the Ösa is equipable with various forms of luggage space, such as racks or bags, and can even carry surfboards thanks to its unibar and clamp-on system. Cake says there are over 1000 different configurations of the Ösa.

“London is an important part of our multi-city strategy, where we treat key cities as proper markets of their own,” said Cake Founder and CEO of Cake, Stefan Ytterborn. “There is definitely an appetite for sustainable transportation alternatives in this vast city, and sustai- nability is our reason to exist and simply inseparable from our business. 

“With its commuter challenges, yet maturity in terms of bicycle riding, CAKE will further release the congestion issues of London and we want our community of CAKE riders to be a part of this change.”

The Cake Pop Up Store London is now open and is located at: 55 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3PT, United Kingdom.

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