Suzuki's BSB ace Bradley Ray takes his CBT

They're making him earn that Suzuka ride and no mistake...

MOST RACERS don't actually ride bikes on the road - which you can sort of understand. When your normal pace gets you round Brands Indy in under 46 seconds, taking on the A272 on a Sunday blast might end up escalating quite quickly.

But Bradley Ray isn't like most racers. His hair alone tells the story there (not that we're in a position to comment). So it's not really surprising that he's been taking his UK motorcycle road test, jumping the first hurdle this week by passing his CBT - Compulsory Basic Training. For non-UK folks, that's the first step to a full licence here in Blighty, a combined on- and off-road training session that makes sure you have the basics in place before you start riding on the road.

The 21-year-old BSB racer took his training on a Suzuki, obviously – the firm's smart little GSX-R125. "I was four when I first rode a motorbike," Ray said "I rode a minimoto in the garden and started racing at six. But getting my licence was something I’ve wanted to do. I wasn’t too nervous, but I felt a bit of pressure! Obviously I know how to ride a bike, but it’s being able to ride a bike to their standard. It sounds silly; I’ll go around a corner at 150mph but when they got me to do a figure of eight, I’ve never concentrated so hard in my life.

"The bike was mega though, was a lot of fun blasting around the roads on it. I’m coming back for my full licence – I probably don’t get as much chance as some to ride on the road with the racing, but when it’s a nice, sunny day and I fancy going out on the bike and going for a ride, I can."

More info on Suzuk's GSX-R125 here.

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