Speeding biker prosecuted by matching video footage with tracking ankle monitor

Man convicted almost two years after uploading footage online

A SPEEDING biker has been arrested after prosecutors in his trial were able to match GPS location data from his ankle monitor to a video he uploaded to YouTube.

In October 2012, Algerian Hamza Ali Ben Ali filmed his attempts to goad a Chicago police car into chasing him. After reaching speeds of up to 115mph on his Honda Fireblade, the police cruiser broke off his pursuit for the concern of the safety of other motorists.

Two weeks later, 31-year-old Ali uploaded the footage to YouTube, at which point he was arrested. However, his lawyers argued the video didn’t actually place Ali on the motorcycle.

With previous convictions in Cook County, Illinois, of aggravated battery against a police officer and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, Ali was wearing a GPS tracking anklet at the time of the video which prosecutors used against him to match his locations with those seen in the video.

Ali was convicted last month in DuPage County of aggravated fleeing and eluding police, and driving with a suspended licence.