Silverstone involved in new Shropshire Wheels to Work scheme

The Wheels to Work programme that helps young people access affordable personal transport has expanded to Shropshire, where it will work with Silverstone.

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The Wheels to Work scheme, which helps young people access personal transport when they otherwise might not have the means to do so, has expanded to Shropshire, it has been announced. 

The Wheels to Work (W2W) scheme entered its fifth year in 2022 after starting in 2018, and is a council-funded programme to help younger people gain access to personal transport when they otherwise would be unable to do so. 

We last wrote about Wheels to Work earlier this year in March, when it was confirmed that the British electric two-wheeler manufacturer Super Soco would be partnering with the W2W scheme in North Lincolnshire.

One of the existing bases for Wheels to Work is the Silverstone circuit, home of the MotoGP British Grand Prix since 2010. The British Motorcyclists Federation says that Silverstone is the base for W2W schemes in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Berkshire. For these counties, it helps to provide both motorcycles and administration, and is now supplying that same service to the new Shropshire Wheels to Work scheme.

The Shropshire scheme began on 11 July and offers both 50cc (from £44 per week) and 125cc (from £50 per week) two-wheelers for hire.

Included in the hire cost is delivery/pick-up of your scooter, aside from the scooter itself, is servicing costs; insurance; tax and MOT; and emergency breakdown cover. Shropshire Community Resource also says that the cost of the hire also covers up to 750 miles of travel per month. 

While it might be slightly disconcerting to have a distance limit included, 750 miles should be plenty to cover the commutes to and from college or work. 

All you need, if you live in Shropshire, to be eligible to apply for a scooter to hire is to be at least 16-years-old, have a provisional or full driving licence, a valid CBT, and a recent payslip or bank statement.

If you want to apply, you can do so on the Wheels to Work website, here.

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