Super SoCo partners with two British councils for Wheels to Work scheme

British councils announce today an electrified expansion of the Wheels to Work scheme, providing people with low-cost personal transport.

super soco electric range cpx tc max

NORTH Lincolnshire Council and Tees Valley Combined Authorities have altered their respective Wheels to Work schemes to include both petrol- and electric-powered mopeds, with the latter being supplied by leading UK brand Super SoCo UK.

The schemes are designed to help people for who do not have access to their own personal transport, and for whom public transport is not an option for their work commutes. 

Beginning in early 2018, the schemes have now helped more than 150 people, and over the course of the last four years North Lincolnshire Council’s fleet of motorcycles alone has been expanded from five to 28. In Tees Valley, £840,000 has been secured to help fund the scheme for three further years as it begins its transition to become all-electric. 

For people over the age of 16 living within North Lincolnshire or TVCA’s respective constituencies with at least 16 hours’ work per week, the mopeds can be hired for up to 12 months, with hiring fees beginning at £60 per month. That £60 fee would include road tax, CBT lessons, insurance, service and maintenance costs, a helmet, gloves and a hi-vis vest.

Super SoCo's popular TC Max will be a part of North Lincolnshire Council's fleet of electric mopeds, although those will probably set you back more than £60/month. At the bottom of the price range (that £60/month mark) is more likely to be the 50cc-equivalent CU Mini. Even a CU Mini, though, would cost £1,699 from a Super SoCo dealer. So, when including everything else the Wheels to Work scheme offers, £60/month seems like decent value. 

The Super SoCo UK CEO, Richard Jordan, said “the growing popularity of the Wheels to Work Scheme has indicated to councils throughout the country that it is time to start offering commuters with a sustainable option for personal transport to work.”