Latest MV Agusta Lucky Explorer news is not what you might expect

MV Agusta has launched its new Lucky Explorer range of... e-bikes. Disappointing for those eager to see the new adventurers, but there's cause for optimism.

Mv Agusta Lucky Explorer Project e-bikes

Lucky Explorer is a name synonymous with the Dakar, Cagiva, and therefore MV Agusta in contemporary times. 

It is also a name that is set to be revived by MV with their range of maxi enduro bikes taking the name Lucky Explorer that have been revealed and are soon to be launched. 

As historically important as the Lucky Explorer name is, modern times recognise the contemporary and future importance of electric mobility.

Of course, electricity is not the only way forwards, but its establishment in environmental discussions as the future of personal transport power over the last 15 years or so means that its development is far more progressed than that of synthetic fuels, or hydrogen, for example. 

After MV Agusta, Lucky Explorer, and electricity, we come to cycling. Like cars and motorcycles, cycling is undergoing something of an electrification at the present moment. While competition riders will remain unassisted, electric power is available for cyclists as some extra support, and has been for a while now. 

And this is where all four points meet: the MV Agusta Lucky Explorer Project. 

This is not the thing that we perhaps envisaged when discussing the next news about MV’s Lucky Explorer, after it was announced that the new MV Lucky Explorer adventurers would be involved somehow in the 2023 Dakar Rally. But, here we are: two bicycles, one for the technical trails - E-enduro - and one for the open dirt tracks - E-gravel. 

The two new bicycles from MV represent an expansion of its e-bike offerings, after the Amo series of bikes, as well as the Serie Oro e-scooter.

MV Agusta is not the first manufacturer to venture into e-bikes, of course. Ducati has created its own range, and Yamaha develops electric motors that are used by other e-bike manufacturers. For motorcycle brands, it can be seen as a way to understand electric technology without going all-in on a brand new motorcycle, in the way that Triumph, for example, has done with its TE-1. 

Ultimately, for us motorcycle fans, it is unsure exactly what this Lucky Explorer Project will lead to for MV in terms of motorcycles, if anything at all. But it is surely encouraging for the future that MV is expanding its existing electric portfolio, even if that involves only bicycles for the moment.

EICMA 2021: New MV Agusta Lucky Explorer and New MV Agusta 950 Adventure 2022

EICMA 2021: New MV Agusta Lucky Explorer and New MV Agusta 950 Adventure 2022