Shoot The Salt – Fastest woman on a V-twin

Girl on a motorcycle. A 200mph motorcycle at Bonneville...

Shoot The Salt – Fastest woman on a V-twin

Shoot The Salt is a documentary covering the first attempt by Jody Perewitz to set a new land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011.

Perewitz has been around motorcycles her whole life, her father is the larger than life, multi-award winning custom builder Dave Perewitz who has fashioned bikes for Hulk Hogan, Kyle Petty and Aerosmith before establishing himself a nationwide reputation and making regular appearances on TV shows like Biker Build Off.

‘Shoot The Salt is a feature documentary with a running time of 45 minutes that follows Jody Perewitz as she attempts to set a world land speed record, and become the first woman to race an American made motorcycle over 200mph,’ says the film blurb.

‘Her performance will take place in the stunning Salt Flats of Utah during Bonneville’s Speed Week, on the same grounds where Burt Munro, aka, ‘the world’s fastest Indian’, made history.

‘Motor enthusiasts, trade journalists, and spectators from around the globe meet for the annual event to watch a wide variety of autos, custom bikes, and trucks in a celebration of mankind’s desire for speed.’