Sheene leathers fetch £8000 at auction

Bazza's iconic Suzuki race leathers top the bill at Sotheby's

Sheene's leathers fetched £8000 at yesterday's auction

A SET of motorcycle racing leathers once owned by the late Barry Sheene fetched £8,000 at a Graham Budd sports auction yesterday at Sotheby’s.

The iconic white, red and black Bates Suzuki one-piece suit was worn by the double 500cc world champion during his 1977 campaign. The leathers feature Sheene's trademark number '7' logo.

Sheene's leathers went for a song if you take into account Michael Phelps swimming cap from his record eighth Olympic win, fetched £6,000, while the silks Walter Swinburn wore while piloting Shergar to victory in the 1981 Derby went for £7,500.