Schumacher: Bike racing is more exciting than cars

Seven-time F1 champ talks about motorcycles, crashing and Mick Doohan's 'you're too old' comments

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER has spoken out on his two-wheeled racing escapades, saying he finds motorcycle racing more of a thrill than four wheels.

In a recent interview, Schumacher said:

"It is very different, you have to learn it from scratch -- and exactly this is what makes it so fascinating for me. You know, on four wheels I know it all, there is nothing more I can learn or achieve. On two wheels though, I am just like a kid, trying out everything. Of course the feeling I have for driving, for lines, for tyres or my experience in racing situation helps me a lot, but in the end you are much more active with your body on a motor bike. And as it is so direct, the sensation is even higher. I really like it, it is big fun."

When questioned about whether his much-publicised accident while testing at Cartagena has dampened his desire for racing, the seven -time F1 world champion said:

"If I have the feeling that when I am 100 per cent fit to go into races, yes I will. But motorbikes are a hobby for me, it is fun, there are no obligations to who or whatever."

And on the reports that Mick Doohan has indirectly told Schumacher he's too old to start a career in motorcycle racing:

"Well, as I said to Mick -- I am not intending to start a second career. I just intend to have fun."