Rossi’s lawyer: tax bill was settled

Lawyer says tax affairs were brought up to date as Rossi’s name appears on leaked HSBC list

VALENTINO Rossi’s lawyer has said the MotoGP legend’s tax is fully paid up after the racer appeared on a list of names leaked by a worker at HSBC's Swiss arm.

HSBC Suisse IT worker turned whistleblower Herve Falciani stole files in 2007 and handed them to French authorities, leading to a tax evasion probe.

Published at the weekend, the files include the names of celebrities and politicians - although inclusion on the list does not necessarily suggest wrongdoing.

Names include Valentino Rossi's, who held a client account named ‘Kikiki 62’ that listed two bank accounts holding $23.9 million.

Rossi paid a settlement of around €30 million following a tax investigation by Italian authorities in 2008.

Rossi’s lawyer, Claudio Sanchironi, has told journalists the sum was paid and the racer’s tax affairs brought into line.

At least Rossi fan’s now have a new online password to use. ‘VR46’ becomes ‘Kikiki62’.

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