Policeman steals jewellery and cash from dead motorcyclist

Trooper will get up to 18 months in prison

A POLICEMAN has pleaded guilty to charges of larceny and tampering with evidence for stealing from a dead motorcyclist at a crash scene.

Aaron Huntsman, 45, a Connecticut state trooper, was the first on scene to 49-year-old motorcyclist John Scalesse’s fatal crash on Route 15 in Fairfield.

His dashboard camera recorded the moment he picks up a gold chain, valued at $5,500 (£3,220), from a pool of blood next to Scalesse, and $3,700 (£2,160) in cash from the victim’s pocket.

He later told Scalesse’s family that he had not seen any money on him.

An investigation was eventually launched after the family raised concerns of missing items. When Huntsman was confronted by his supervisor, he claimed he left the chain in the cup holder in his police car inside a glove and forgot he left it in there. However, he denied having the cash.

Police said the money was later found under the seat in Huntsman’s patrol car, yet he still maintained his innocence.

The trooper has since entered an Alford plea, meaning he does not admit to the charges but accepts that the evidence the prosecution has would be likely to persuade a judge or jury to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The 19-year veteran of the state police will be sentenced in October and faces 18 months in prison.