Police officers face sack over seaside jaunt

Gwent coppers caught red-handed taking squad cars to coast

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'

WE ALL enjoy a trip to the seaside but a group of coppers have been caught taking things a bit too far.

Five police officers, who dared each other to see how far away they could get from their base in south Wales without being caught, are facing the sack.

The infamous five are accused of taking patrol cars for unauthorised day trips to the coast.

Sources say the officers took photographs of each other at their various seaside locations and on fairground rides to prove where they had been.

But the report in the Daily Telegraph states they were rumbled after their car broke down en route to Weston-super-Mare. Senior officers demanded to know what they were doing outside the force's area.

All five are having separate hearings this week and could be kicked out of the Gwent police force if they are found guilty.

A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission said: "It's an internal disciplinary hearing and we will make a statement in due course when the hearings are concluded and we have an outcome."