Police motorcyclist in near miss on the M8

Police rider gets lucky in Scotland

Police motorcycle rider

A POLICE motorcyclist has narrowly avoided hitting a car while merging into the fast lane of the M8 near Glasgow.

In a move that's definitely not lifted straight out of Roadcraft: The police driver's handbook, dash cam footage from a car in the fast lane shows a police rider merging on to the M8 at junction 21 and immediately cutting across two lanes of traffic into lane three.

The rider was also with another colleague on a bike. As both riders join the motorway, a driver in a black Renault is forced to brake hard to give the rider space.

The driver of the car in the fast lane manages to react quickly by jamming on his brakes and moving to the right of his his lane, after letting out a 'F***king hell, wow.'

We can only assume that, in his haste, the rider failed to see the car in fast lane.

The driver of the car recroding the footage, posted by the Daily Mail, spoke to the newspaper and said:

'There was absolutely no reason that I could see for this police biker to merge immediately into outside lane.

'Thankfully traffic was a little bit behind me otherwise there could have been a serious crash.

'You'll notice the other biker doesn't swerve as aggressively, and it clearly wasn't an emergency as they don't pass me until several minutes later.

'I drive a small red car and I personally think he didn't look properly and didn't see me.'

The footage can be viewed below and just goes to show that even police riders get it wrong sometimes.