Oxfordshire locals set to 'adopt' defunct speed camera

Village residents take action as county's speed camera network is axed

RESIDENTS OF an Oxfordshire village a looking into funding their own speed camera following this week's announcement that the entire camera network in the county is to be scrapped.

Villagers in Nuneham Courtenay are set to take the initiative after the county council announced it is to stop £600,000 of funding to the Road Safety Partnership - the organisation responsible for running and maintaining Oxfordshire's speed camera network.

Nuneham Courtenay hit National headlines in May 2007 after 35-year-old Jason Jesty was snapped  by one of the village's speed cameras pulling a speeding stand-up wheelie. Villagers are now worried drivers will resume speeding along the A4074 once cameras are switched off on August 1st.

Locals are now hoping to raise £5,000 per annum to 'adopt' their own camera for the village in a bid to maintain driver awareness of lower speed limits.