No numberplate wheelie biker nicked by GATSO

Oxfordshire biker busted for fly-by GATSO stunts

IF YOU THOUGHT removing your numberplate removed the risk of being caught by a GATSO, then you might learn something from Jason Jesty.

The scaffolder was snapped as he was wheelying through a GATSO at 61mph. Some would say 'good work feller'.

When the Oxfordshire police processed the pictures, the camera operators were amazed to see the biker getting away with his stunt because he'd removed his number plate and therefore he couldn't be held to account.

The GATSO image above was taken on the A4074 in Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon, on June 5th last year. Just two weeks after the stunt, police patrols spotted a biker riding in the same area without plates.

They gave chase, pulled Jesty over and then watched in amazement as he went to re-attach the number plate to his bike.

Jesty was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving on June 24 last year. When police checked their records, they linked him to the earlier wheelie stunt on June 5th and ordered him to appear in court.

Last month Jesty admitted one charge of dangerous driving and two charges of perverting the course of justice by removing his number plates to avoid detection.

A police source said: "That spot is well known for speeding bikers and officers had been monitoring the patch for some time. We managed to catch him from intelligence. He probably thought by removing his number plates he would never be caught, but he was wrong."

Jesty, of Burwell Drive, Witney, was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.