Oxford firm wins Norton engine contract

Menard Competition Technologies to design motor in new Norton machine

AN OXFORDSHIRE engineering firm has won a contract to design a new engine for one of the new Norton motorcycles.

Menard Competition Technologies (MCT) won the contract to design the motor after Norton returned to British ownership late last year. The company had been in American hands for almost 15 years, until was bought by entrepreneur Stuart Garner last year.

MCT's Commercial director, Charlie Bamber, said: “It is an immense privilege to be involved in the rebirth of Norton. The brand exudes engineering innovation, sporting passion, and unparalleled heritage, all traits close to MCT’s heart. So, we feel there is a natural fit between the two organisations. It’s wonderful to have Norton back on these shores. We’re thrilled to be a part in the project.”

Norton's Stuart Garner said: “We’re delighted to have MCT as part of the team. We have a partner with the sort of calibre, expertise and passion that fits perfectly with our philosophy.”