This original KTM SMT is an entertaining, £5k bargain

Can’t stretch to the £12,499 charged for the new KTM SMT? This original one we’ve plucked from the classifieds is a fraction of the price


For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been testing the new KTM SMT. For the uninitiated, the model name’s letters stand for ‘Supermoto Touring’, which describes the bike perfectly - it’s a mash-up of supermoto and touring bike ideals. The results are somewhat unusual, but undoubtedly entertaining, and also relatively well priced - the bike will set you back £12,499.

That’s still a fairly hefty chunk of change, of course, so if you don’t happen to have £12k or so hiding under your mattress and/or don’t fancy tying yourself into a lengthy finance deal, allow us to present an alternative: the original. Unlike the current SMT, which is powered by an 889cc parallel twin featuring a 270-degree crank, this one uses a 999c V-Twin built by Rotax. The ‘990’-badged engine actually a smidge more powerful than the new SMT’s ‘890’ motor, producing 115bhp, and sits within the same tubular frame of the Supermoto.

To this frame, KTM fitted an array of awfully nice parts, including adjustable WP suspension and beefy brakes from Brembo. 17-inch wheels were fitted at each end, much smaller than you’d typically see on an adventure bike, giving a playful attitude. The SMT also received a unique tank design and a new seat. The fuel tank capacity is considerably bigger than the Supermoto’s at 19 litres. Factor in the luggage racks and a small screen that’ll give something vaguely resembling wind protection, and you have a bike you can genuinely tour on.

Old SMTs make for a reasonably sound used buy. Although the quality will look to be lacking compared to something like a BMW GS of the era, reliability is thought to be decent. You just need to keep on top of the oil levels and hope that the previous owner has been too - the V-Twin has an appetite for the stuff, although it’s better on fuel than you might imagine.

​We’ve seen SMTs for under £4,000. This one we found in the Visordown classifieds is a little more at £5,291, but that still represents cracking value for money. And most importantly, it is finished in KTM orange.