New motorcycle show Mancunia Motorcycle Festival set to launch in May

A new bike show, the Mancunia Motorcycle Festival, has been announced, with it debuting in May 2022 and featuring Royal Enfield as its main sponsor and headlining guest.

Mancunia Motorcycle Festival logo.

THE Mancunia Motorcycle Festival, an all-new motorcycle show based in Manchester, has announced it will debut on 6-8 May 2022 at Depot Mayfield.

In a press release from Mancunia Motorcycle Festival, they say “a blend of factory and custom motorcycles will be on show from shed builders to hand-built specialists and major manufacturers.”

Royal Enfield’s presence will involve a showcase of their “global custom bike display,” while BMW are also due to be in attendance.
Away from the factories, British hand-builder Langen will be present, as well as electric bike manufacturers such as Maeving, and the e-bike firm New Gen who both will be present in the Festival’s “Electric Avenue” area.

For those searching for some new motorcycling apparel, brands such as Hedon Helmets, Stylmartin and Saints will also be present. 
On offer at the show, alongside the bikes, will be a number of alternative ways to enjoy the show, including a “mini craft beer festival” hosted by the Manchester Union brewery, where visitors to the Festival will be able to pick up a low- or non-alcoholic refreshment; a showcase of American and Japanese whiskeys; various places to grab some barbeque or wings; and some barbers if you arrive at the festival and find your barnet in need of addressing. 

The show’s co-promoter, Will Evans, said “we really want to bring something fresh to Manchester. We want to bring together lovers of not just bikes but music, fashion and food.” He added, “We can’t wait to share this mix of brews, blades and barbeque with Manchester.”

More details on the event, including an early bird ticket offer, “will be revealed shortly,” according to the press release from Mancunia Motorcycle Festival, or their website can be visited here