Motorcyclists wins $2.65m in damages after pothole crash

The rider from West Milford crashed into a van after losing control on multiple potholes

Motorcyclists wins $2.65m in damages after pothole crash

A US motorcyclist has been awarded a $2.65m (£2.4m) after being involved in a serious crash after losing control on potholes in the road.

The rider, Roger Gates, was riding his Victory cruiser motorcycle in West Milford when he hit a series of large potholes in the road. Losing control of his bike he then crashed into an oncoming van, catching fire and causing the van to ignite also. The incident caused serious injury to Gates, who suffered multiple fractured ribs, as well as a fractured back, clavicle, shoulder blade, wrist, and hand. The extent of his injuries was so bad that he required multiple surgeries and rehabilitation.

As a result of his injuries Gates was left unable to work again, forcing a jury to pay loss of earnings, medical expenses and compensation to the tune of $2.65m.

It’s reported by RideApart that the stretch of road that Gates crashed on was already noted as being a hazardous stretch, with complaints about potholes stretching back to 2014. The crash happened in 2016, with the road last being maintained in 2014.

It’s also reported that in addition to the payout awarded to Gates, the county of Passaic, where the incident happened, have paid his $756,000 medical expenses bill – and no doubt will be forking out a few dollars to try and sort the road once and for all.

The New Jersey Herald reports that the problem with the road was improper repairs, with crews simply packing the potholes with Tarmac, a repair that will quickly lift out once freeze-thaw erosion takes place. It sounds like a very familiar situation that many Brits will recognise!