Motorcycling could be as good for you as a trip to the gym!

A new video posted on social media claims that riding a motorcycle for as little as an hour could burn as many calories as going to the gym for a workout

Motorcycling could be as good for you as a trip to the gym!

AS somebody with a bit of a phobia of going to the gym (well, physical exercise in general) and with a ‘dad-bod’ in full effect, the news I can burn as many calories riding a bike as I can at the gym is music to my ears!!

The video was posted by Life of a rider on social media, and while it doesn’t claim to be backed by any esteemed doctor or scientist, the numbers do seem to add up.

The claims are that motorcycling burns between 170 and 600 calories an hour, and that dependant on the type of riding you do, motorcycles can give most of the muscles in your body a workout. So, a gentle cruise on your Harley to the pub and back is obviously going to be less of a ‘feel the burn’ moment. But a fast blast on your sportsbike down your favourite twisty road – or even better; a session on a Supermoto or enduro bike would see you burning quite a substantial number of calories.

Crazy numbers but when you consider that while sleeping a 12st human can burn approximately 63 calories an hour – the notion seems to hold water.

The video goes on to claim that the same 12st rider on a bike for just an hour could burn at least 170 calories an hour! Kind of explains why after riding from Coventry to Misano last year the first thing I did was eat a huge pizza and drink a gallon of Peroni!

So, time to ditch the gym membership and get another bike! And if the other half protests – make them read this!

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