Motorcycle cancer - are motorbikes killing us?

New book links motorcycle radiation to cancer risk

AMERICAN AUTHOR Randall Dale Chipkar has raised concerns about links between riding motorcycles and cancer.

In his new book 'Motorcycle Cancer?' Chipkar investigates whether motorcycles are shooting potentially carcinogenic electromagnetic (EM) energies into the rider, increasing the risk of developing lymphomas, leukemia or cancers of the prostate, testicle, colon, bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach, etc?

Chipkar considers motorcycle EM radiation a possible "Black Plague" for innocent riders. "I have met countless avid motorcycle riders diagnosed with similar forms of cancers and disorders. All of these riders had a type of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation shooting up from their motorcycle seats. This does not establish proof by any means and further investigation is warranted," he adds.

"The motorcycle industry needs to further investigate this possible EM danger and, if necessary, implement protective measures to minimize rider radiation exposure. Consumer safety is priority. An EMF radiation shielding seat can provide riders with peace of mind," he says.