German custom bike to run 6.7 litre V-twin

Sidecar equipped model available soon

Gunbus...350bhp, 395kg and 6.7 litres

GERMAN MOTORCYCLE builder Clemens F. Leonhardt has constructed a gargantuan motorcycle named the Gunbus.

The engine is a 350bhp 6.7-litre V-twin, with cylinders taken from a radial aeroplane engine hooked to a three-speed gearbox. Leonhardt has designed the crankcases and auxiliary fittings himself, as well as the frame and running gear.

Boeing 767 tyres were originally planned as fitment to Gunbus but thanks to RIGDON, the naked V-twin beast now sits on a set of custom-made tyres. The Gungbus' top speed is limited to 155mph and weighs just shy of 400kg.

Demand for the machine has been high, so much so, the company are planning to produce a sidecar equipped version. Price is to be confirmed.

Gunbus specs

Engine Crankcase: Light alloy Cylinder: 2, V-configuration Cylinder angle: 45° Valves per cylinder: 2 Bore: 156 mm Stroke: 176 mm Capacity: 6728 ccm - 410 Combustion ratio: 8,7 : 1 Torque: 700 Nm at 1900 1/min Power: 350 HP (257 kW) at 2800 1/min Valve train: Valves actuated by single cam plate, roller tappets, push rods and rockers with roller bearings Bearings: Crankshaft and conrods plain bearings Lubrication: Dry sump Oil reservoir: integrated in central frame tube, capacity 6.5 ltr

Length over all: 3410 mm Wheelbase: 2400 mm Height over all: 1420 mm Seat height: 800 mm Dry weight: 395 kg Weight to power ratio: 1,2 kg/HP (!) Vmax: 250 km/h, electronically limited