Mick Extance and Harley-Davidson to launch Adventure Centre in 2022

Where better to head than Wales on the Pan America for Mick Extance & Harley-Davidson Adventure Centre in 2022?

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Teaming up with Dakar legend Mick Extance, Harley-Davidson is to launch its Adventure Centre in Spring 2022. 

It’ll be a chance to ride the immensely capable Pan America both on-road and off-road in a top setting in Wales, similar to the setting we enjoyed on the launch earlier this year. 

Catching up with the man himself on stand at Motorcycle Live, we had a quick chat with Mick about what to expect from the Centre in 2022. 

Due to be launched around March next year, the Adventure Centre website will be up and running in the new year. This is where you will be able to find out all you need to know about the courses on offer.

As mentioned, we hopped on the Pan America 1250 Special in an on & off-road test at the press launch this year and found the first dedicated adventure machine from the Milwaukee brand to be engaging, accessible and seriously capable. 

If you want to hear the full scoop, read the Pan America review here.

Fancy a day out on the Harley-Davidson Pan America next year?

Whilst the final details are yet to emerge about the centre, we had a sneak peek of what’ll be on offer whilst on the launch, and you’ll have the chance to sample the bike in its ‘natural habitat’ - the mud of Wales. Which is arguably the best environment for an adventure bike!

Whether or not you’re raving about the Pan America, it’s an exciting opportunity to try it out in a programme that a Dakar legend has worked on - that’s a chance of a lifetime, really!

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