London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone expands today - ULEZ covers 18x more of London

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum emission standards, you’ll have to pay £12.50 to ride or drive in the ULEZ zone - which is now 18x larger!

ULEZ expanded zone October 2021

As of today, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (or ULEZ) has expanded to cover 18 times more space in central and inner London. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum emissions standards, you will need to pay £12.50 per day when in the zone. 

ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, midnight to midnight, every day of the year - except Christmas day, because how else will Santa Claus get to all those houses. 

In an attempt to improve air quality in the capital, all areas within the North & South Circular roads are now covered in a blanket ULEZ zone - which used to operate in central London only. 

Have a look at the map below to see if your area, or somewhere to regularly drive, is affected by the change.

What does ULEZ mean for motorcycles?

For the most part, new motorcycles are not effected by the new ULEZ zone, as the emissions are marginal in comparison to larger vehicles (and will not weigh over 3.5 tonnes, and pass that requirement easily). 

As it's all based on the actual emissions ratings as opposed to age of the vehicle, if your motorcycle meets Euro 3 standards (particularly for nitrous oxide (or NOx)) emission from 2007, it should be okay. You can also jump through the hoops of getting your vehicle emissions tested for proof of exemption. 

Electric vehicles will of course be exempt, and ahead of the 2035 ban on the sale of new petrol-powered vehicles, this ULEZ expansion could be the excuse to switch over to an electric-powered vehicle you’ve been waiting for. Perhaps the Super Soco TC Max, or even the Energica Eva Ribelle?

If you want to check if your motorcycle (or vehicle) is ULEZ compliant, and not subject to a £12.50 daily charge, have a look on the TfL site - you just need your registration plate number. 

If your vehicle is not exempt, you’ll be happy to know that you can arrange auto pay… but £12.50 per day of using your vehicle can quickly add up. The question is, will this make London any less busier on the roads?

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